Over the winter holiday, my cousin was in town.  Apparently he neglected to tell his mother when school photos were taken, so she asked me to take some of him while they were visiting.  Now, out of all the photos I've ever taken, I have never seriously photographed a teenaged boy.  What do they want to look like?  I have photographed women of all ages, grade-school aged boys and younger, and 20-something men and older.  But what does a sixteen year old boy hope to acheive in his photos?

I didn't feel too much pressure from this shoot since I was more doing it for his mother and I had a pretty good idea what she wanted (basically his school photos), but he'll be a senior soon and they'll want me to do his senior portraits.

The photos below were taken in about 15 minutes one early evening.  Both he and his parents were happy.  But I need more ideas if I'll be doing more photos of him in the future.  Anyone have anything to say about how to make a teenaged boy look "cool"?