I just added a new gallery to my site, for live music photography.  Since there are often many restrictions about taking professional equipment into concerts, most of the recent photos in this gallery are taken on my non-professional stuff.  What?  You didn't even know I owned a non-professional camera?  Truth be told, I had to buy one specifically for this purpose.

Since I now officially live in a place where concerts happen (sorry RGV!), I got a slightly-higher-end-consumer-level-non-professional Canon just before the Nine Inch Nails Wave Goodbye concerts at the end of August.

I am happy with the camera for what it is, but what it is NOT is professional. The low-light sensitivity is pretty good for the level of camera, but sometimes in the lower-light moments of a concert, I can feel myself longing for a nice 85mm f/1.2L.

Anyway, enjoy the new galleryhttp://www.emilyanngarcia.com/galleries/live-music/