Well, there is no use denying my absense.  Much has been going on in my life -- including an impending move, a job transition and a PUPPY.  You can tell which of these I am most excited about, can't you?  Well, that's not entirely accurate, but the puppy sure is cute.

I have still been taking photos, but it is probably not entirely unsurprising that it has not quite ended up being daily.  I could probably fudge a couple dates and pretend I'd kept up, but it is not really in my nature.  The idea behind doing a 365 project is a way to get me to be thinking about photography daily -- and to hopefully force me out of my comfort zones in an attempt to try new things and get more interesting photos.

I think the project does do that, but it's not quite working for due to the frequency and the abysmal state of my apartment (aka most easily accessible backdrop).  So I am certainly not giving up on photography or even self-portraits, but I am trying to come up with a new angle on the regularly-taken-photo project that will help me feel a bit more a spark of creativity.  Suggestions are welcome if anyone has them!

I will try to keep you all updated as my future plans come to fruition... for now, those of you who live in Chicago should note you may be seeing a lot more of me starting this summer!




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