Without berating myself too much for my utter lack of posting, I'll just jump right in!

I've updated the site!  Check out the nice slideshow on the homepage and all the many many updated galleries.  I will definitely continue to update as I am thinking through how I want to organize my photos for display.  For now, I am just super happy to include so many of the wonderful weddings I've attending over the past couple of years.  Seriously, there have been some gorgeous events!

Since this photoblog has been lacking (and I'd like to keep notes on some of my fave wedding aspects for any future, um... parties, I might have...), I am going to try to go back and blog about some.  So check the new galleries out, but I'll post some highlights here in the coming days/weeks.

A little sample slide show follows (if you are reading via RSS, yay! but you may have to click through).


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