Me, being queer outdoors on Gambier island.

Me, being queer outdoors on Gambier island.

So obviously my updates here have been lacking, but never fear -- I can always start up again!

Yesterday, Autostraddle posted a call for submissions for their Queer IRL series.  This month's theme is Queer on the Outside and you can read about it here.  

Coincidentally, I just got a new camera and am itching to try it out!  So if you a queer-identified person in Vancouver and are interested in doing a short outdoor photo session with me in the next week (I am primarily looking at Thursday, Friday and Saturday roughly in East Van), please get in touch!  I am offering these sessions free of charge and slots are filling up fast.  

As a bit more info... I imagining something fairly low-key, and of course outdoors. It could be just you or you + other queer friends or you + family/pets/whatever. I would give you some images and then you could submit them to the autostraddle project if you like, or do whatever you like with them. I always appreciate a photo credit when/if you use them, but will give you un-watermarked and watermarked versions. I may use them on my own website, unless you specifically ask me not to, in which case, of course I won't!

Interested?  Get in touch!  You can email me through this website (contact form in the footer), or FB message me here.